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Nous collaborons avec un partenaire, actuellement à la recherche d’un(e) professionnel(le) qualifié(e) pour rejoindre son équipe dans le cadre d’une mission.

EMIR requirements on matching of confirmation is by the end of T+1 and T+2 depending on counterparties, relies on EMIR compliance for us to be SBSD compliant. In their last review they issued a recommendation identifying cases where Equity swaps were not compliant. So we committed to a study for end of September   We need to implement a set-up to properly identify the root causes for the breaches and design remediation actions with a proper roadmap.   More broadly the question would be to review how we can properly monitor the process so we act on any trade that do not meet some time threshold while going through the process Preparation and follow up of EQD weekly governance + assessment of the need for Credit BAU monitoring   Ensure we met the EMIR Matching requirements and the SBSD dispatch ones. – **Missions principales / Activités principales :** \- PMO of BAU weekly governance \- Study process, RACI, SLAs : improvements proposals \- Study and identify developments to produce on the fly monitoring of deals/conf status , KPIs and info to systematically identify  root causes for delays, so remediation actions can be prioritised \- For root causes identified though available BAU and study, propose sustainable framework with costing and roadmap for implementation  

Durée estimée : 6 mois
Rythme : Temps plein (5 jours / semaine)
Part de télétravail estimée : Télétravail aménageable à discuter lors des entretiens
Domaine principal : Gestion de projet – pilotage (PMO)
Secteur : Banque
Lieu principal : Paris et région parisienne
Démarrage idéalement le : 2024-06-17

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