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Nous collaborons avec un partenaire, actuellement à la recherche d’un(e) professionnel(le) qualifié(e) pour rejoindre son équipe dans le cadre d’une mission.

**Job context** Our client (major player) must meet the obligations of the new European CSRD directive and publish extra-financial reporting in line with the new regulations by January 2025. The first analyses (double materiality) are underway, and a reporting production tool will soon be selected. Our client (major player) (head office of the Our client) hopes to use this project to feed the Group data platform that is currently under construction. As part of its project structure, the corporate IT department is looking for a data analyst with knowledge of the regulatory context of extra-financial reporting.   **Main Missions** As a data analyst, you will be responsible for analyzing the data corpus that results from the discrepancy analysis carried out between the data currently available and the data required to produce future reports. His analysis will be made to select, together with the IT teams, the data that can be potentially managed in the data platform. The next step will be to study the feasibility of automating the supply of this data.  You will be responsible for producing the deliverables listed below. You will be supervised by a manager from the IT Group department, who will spend around one day a week to the project. You will work closely with the CSR department team in charge of the business side of the project, as well as with the Group IT teams. You will be in contact with both subsidiaries and group functions.   **Deliverables and deadlines** -As is analysis: end of March -Analysis of the discrepancies between the data required by the CSRD regulations and the data present in the systems: end of April -Selection of the most relevant data to be managed through the data platform: end of May -Feasibility study of the proposed automation (identification of sources, APIs to be developed, format constraints, etc.): July   **Required skills** -Excellent understanding of the issues and constraints relating to CSRD regulations and reporting. -Proven experience in managing Data projects, from the expression of business needs to the validation of reporting. -In-depth knowledge of data models and data-oriented architectures. -Ability to work as part of a team and communicate effectively with a variety of people. -Thoroughness, autonomy and ability to meet deadlines.   **Education and experience** -Higher education in business intelligence or a related field. -Significant previous experience in projects related to regulatory compliance, in particular CSRD.   **Languages** English & French: full professional mastery   **Location** Paris Suburb (1h from center of Paris, NorthWest) With 2 days of remote work per week Duration of the mission The assignment will run from the beginning of February 2024 to the end of July 2025. The assignment may be extended depending on the initial results of the study.

Durée estimée : 6 mois
Rythme : Temps plein (5 jours / semaine)
Part de télétravail estimée : 2j télétravail / semaine
Domaine principal : Data analyst
Secteur : Industrie
Lieu principal : Paris et région parisienne
Démarrage idéalement le : 2024-02-04

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